April 07, 2018

We Provide Us

'' The lack of sharing and acceptance among the teachers and the school administrations causes the motivation of the teachers, their desire to produce and feelings of belonging to reduce." To prevent this, to create an atmosphere of trust among teachers and to share experiences in this environment of trust, the teachers of 23 Nisan Primary School in Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul worked on a solution called "It's Just Us" for more than a year. At this session of the Good Examples Conference, teachers shared the key points they discovered and the outputs they obtained from each others' experiences to develop teach others' sense of belonging, to increase each others' motivation and to become a sustainable learning community. (This study was developed by the Round Table group consisting of teachers from different schools, grades and departments who worked with the design-oriented thinking methodology in the pilot process of the 2016-17 Teachers Network.)

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