May 24, 2017

Technology and Future of Learning

At the Encounter series held at the Social Incubation Center on Wednesday, May 24, Burcu Aybat, Alp Köksal from Khan Academy Turkish and Canay Atalay from participated as speakers.

During the first 45 minutes of the "Technology and Future of Learning", Alp Köksal, Khan Academy Director for Turkey, shared information about the Khan Academy's educational philosophy and the activities the Academy is conducting across the world and in Turkey in his presentation on change in education, opportunities new technologies offer for education, and the changing learning environment with lifelong learning concept. Canay Atalay, co-founder of, shared information about the principles of learning design appropriate to the changing world with exponential technology.

After the frame drawn from the speakers' knowledge and experience, participating teachers who use digital tools effectively in their classrooms shared their experiences. Following the Q&A session with the participants, the event ended.

About Khan Academy:

Khan Academy, the world's largest free online learning platform with more than 1 billion lessons to date, is a nonprofit organization aiming to modernize and liberate the understanding of education through the use of new technologies. In Khan Academy, which aims to provide everyone with world-class and free learning opportunities everywhere, in addition to thousands of lesson videos and interactive exercises in the fields such as science, social sciences, economics and medicine and K12 Mathematics in particular, new technologies that guide the student by identifying his/her level and support full learning are included to ensure that the student achieves a complete learning at the most appropriate speed with a personalized education understanding. Today, 2 million teachers use Khan Academy, which is translated into nearly 40 languages and used in 200 countries, as an educational tool in their lessons. Khan Academy has been operating in Turkey since 2012; Khan Academy's library, which exceeds 5500 lesson videos, is open to everyone for free and also reaches all schools through the Ministry of National Education EBA platform.

About is a digital platform that allows the transfer of knowledge and skills on personalized paths like in the relationship between master and apprentice and carries the mission to enable people to learn from each other more easily and effectively.

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