December 13, 2017

Skills That Make a Difference

During their talk, Melda Akbaş and Işık Tüzün  discussed   practices that enhance in-class success, their effects and their project 'Classrooms that make a Difference'. During the talk, which emphasized that children need different skills in varying conditions, speakers underlined the education environments and how children can be supported to gain these skills. The speakers mentioned that they have been using the skills of empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and creativity, which Ashoka defines as the "Skills that make a difference", in the Skills That Make a Difference for Children Program that has been continuing since 2017. They shared practice samples for the realization of the Skills That Make A Difference in classrooms. Miray Oğuzgiray Yıldız, the creative teacher of 'I have an Idea, too!', which is one of the practice samples on the online platform of the Classrooms that make a Difference, shared the training samples that she used in her classroom at the meeting with the participants. Following the session, in which the importance of discovery spaces which teachers create in the learning processes of children and that children experience permanent learning on their own when they are motivated was emphasized, the talk ended with questions and answers.

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