May 10, 2017

Ritual Meanings of Everyday Education Practices: School Uniforms, Class Morphology and Teacher-Student Relations

In Filiz Meşeci Giorgetti's SEÇBİR- Teachers Network talk on "Ritual meanings of everyday education practices", while rituals, which is the research topic of many disciplines, was examined in terms of education in the context of Turkey, questions such as "How have the rituals of the Turkish education system been historically shaped?", "What are the functions of today's educational rituals?", "What role do teachers play in maintaining existing rituals?" and "How can we benefit from the power of ritual by making innovations and changes as the age requires and by producing new rituals?" were opened to discussion with the participants.

Emniyettepe Mahallesi Bilgi Sosyal Kuluçka Merkezi Silahtarağa
Eyüp/Istanbul 34956
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