May 03, 2017

Help object? or 'Subject of Right' ? Representation of disability in education

In her SEÇBİR- Teachers Network talk titled "Representation of disability in education", Melike Ergün shared the findings of Research on the Disability in Textbooks conducted with the aim of contributing to the improvement of textbooks for the equal representation and equal participation of the disabled in education under the partnership of SEÇBİR, Association of Social Rights and Research (TOHAD) and Education Reform Initiative (ERG) and within the scope of Project of Equal Participation in Education carried with the support of Sabancı Foundation Grant Programs. She also made recommendations on how to address disability in textbooks against the risk of the perception of 'needy disabled' being reproduced in the minds of students due to the fact that the topic of the disabled is not usually covered in the textbooks, the ways in which the disabled are represented, the context in which the disabled are visible and the frequency of appearance of the disabled.

"Help object? or Subject of Right?" Representation of disability in education

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