February 10, 2018

How can We Transform Increasing Violence in Schools into a Constructive Communication Culture?

Event Date:

10-11 February, 24-25 February, 10-11 March, 24-25 March


Event Address:

Düşler Akademisi, Sabancı Center, Kadıköy İdea, Hilton Golden Horn Sütlüce


Event Summary:

35 teachers, who conducted studies on the question of "How can we transform increasing violence in schools into a constructive communication culture?" in February-March period,   learned the steps of Design-Focused Thinking  methodology at four meetings held on 10-11 February, 24-25 February, 10-11 March and 24-25 March and applied it.

- At the first meeting, participants discussed "Understanding", the first step of the Design-Focused methodology. Within groups, our teachers chose a foci for themselves within the problem of increasing violence in schools. They were separated in groups for the subjects of relational violence, verbal violence and bullying and prepared a field study for their subjects. Through natural observation and in-depth interviews with stakeholders and experts of the problem that continued for two weeks, they investigated the underlying causes of their subjects.

- At the second meeting, the groups reached deep and humane insights into the problems they focused on by bringing together the outputs of their research. They prioritized these insights by looking at their depth and potential effects in solving the problem. They transformed the insight they chose into design questions and conducted a two-week deepening study on the question.

- At the third meeting, our teachers produced creative ideas for solving design questions with inspiration they obtained from the deepening study. They first multiplied the ideas by freeing their mind; then they chose the creative solutions they would prototype by discussing their effects on the problem they focused on. They prepared their prototype designs and test plans to implement in their schools.

- At the fourth meeting, Teachers involved in the Teachers Network programs took the first step for the dissemination of 6 prototypes tested with 581 students in more than twenty schools at the "Project Presentation Day" held with the participation of Teachers Network Change Ambassadors, NGOs involved in education and academics.