December 06, 2017

Hearing Disability and Education in Turkey and across the World

Sumru Ozsoy, who started her speech with the statement ''Education is the process in which the information and skills required in life are given to the individuals in a systematic manner'', stated that, taking into account the fact that during the school the information is usually communicated to the students by way of speaking, the issue of how to transfer information to the children who were born with hearing impairment or who lost this sense a short time after their birth is of great importance for an education system of a country. He talked about the steps that can be taken to ensure that hearing impaired individuals / students successfully complete their primary and secondary education and continue their higher education and have jobs, the obstacles in front of it. Noting that despite the fact that the vast majority of hearing-impaired individuals in our country are high school graduates, Sumru Özsoy stated that a change should be made in the education of hearing-impaired individuals in primary and secondary education institutions to overcome the adversities. At the talk, which was translated into sign language simultaneously by Halise Deler, answers were sought to the questions of  ''What should be the approach to the education of the hearing-impaired individuals?'' "What should we consider in practice?"

"What type of education do hearing impaired individuals receive in other countries where they receive successful educations and adapt to daily living and working environments?" and '' Are these methods applicable in our country?''




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