April 07, 2018

Encouraging to Ask Questions

Teachers, who aim not just to provide students with information but to make their students think, designed the 'Question Workshop', open to educators from every department, to create environments to keep students' curiosity alive. During the "Question Workshop" session, which aimed to encourage questions by creating a safe classroom environment for students, to develop inquiry competencies by making use of analysis, synthesis, causal relation, improve learning skills among peers and develop skills to respect different opinions, the activities of 'Question Vest', 'Question Park', 'Question Balloons', which are implemented in this context, were shared with the students. Then, discussions were held with the participants about increasing the learning skills among peers, developments in the skills of respecting for different ideas, and focusing on asking questions to expand students' learning networks and help them associate their learning networks. (This study was developed by the Socrat group consisting of teachers from different schools, grades and departments who worked with the design-oriented thinking methodology in the pilot process of the 2016-17 Teachers Network.)


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