Aralık 15, 2018

Eğitim Tiyatro Sahnesinde Hayat Buluyor!

The "Education Springs to Life on the Stage!" event, organized to find the common denominators of theater and education, took place at Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center in Bornova, İzmir on December 15. It was coordinated by actor Onur Erdoğan and moderated by Yusuf Sarıçam, one of the Change Agents of the Network.

In the event, language and expression skills, use of gestures and mimics, stage presence etc. Education-theater, class-stage and teacher-player analogies were established and how the theater could come into contact with education. Activities based on drama help develop group spirit, cooperation, self-confidence, language skills development in the classroom were emphasized during event.





Bornova Belediyesi Uğur Mumcu Kültür Merkezi
Kazımdirik Mahallesi 156 Sk No:4 Bornova/İzmir
İzmir 35100

Günalp Turan ·