Mayıs 03, 2019

Classes Appreciating Curiosity

We all come to the world with the instinct to be curious we start to know ourselves and our environment by curiosity. Curiosity, however, is often referred negatively in society. In order to encourage students' learning curiosity, we must create environments in which asking questions and curiosity are not judged.

The “Curiosity Team” activity developed within the scope of the Creative Problem Solving Program in Ankara in March and April 2019. Jumping Blue Clouds Group developed their activity throughout 4 weeks by looking for answers to the question “How can we increase the number of environments where curiosity is appreciated? Developed on the insight that the individuals expresses themselves more easily about their curiosity when they are not suppressed, the activity is guiding for teachers who want to create classes in which curiosity can flourish. The activity was presented at the Experience Sharing Event that was named as "Classes Appreciating Curiosity" at Researcher Children Center on 3 May.


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