November 15, 2017

Ask, Discover, Produce

Emre Alettin Keskin, also known as Evrensel (universal) Kamil,  told us how they established the system named "Ask, Discover, Produce", which he launched with the mission of "disciplining coincidences" with his students in Van and developed with both his students and adults in İstanbul, Others in Education and the  Imagination  Center, the story of how an educator should be facilitator and accompanying and how they turned an education method into an education technology. Emre Keskin emphasized that the fact that he continued to develop the story, which he had built in order to integrate students into the process, with his students by benefiting from various disciplines ensured a continuous creativity within the class. It was also stressed that the 'I can do it Assembly' encouraged children to go beyond the limits drawn by talents in a certain area and motivated them to work together. Speaking of his dream of disseminating the Question and Answer Library across Turkey, Emre Keskin finally talked about Imagination Center and the 'hmm' initiative. The meeting ended with a Q&A session with the participants.




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