June 12, 2017

Can Movement in the Classroom help to stay focused?

Classroom teacher Başak Uysal observed that, in the classroom practice where students could sit on the pilates ball instead of desks, the attention of students increased during the course, their writing improved, increased their potential by concentrating their kinetic energy on their work and their body postures developed. How and why did this idea come to Teacher Başak's mind; what did she do to develop such an idea; who else did she tell about the practice?

At Encounters #10, Teacher Başak told about her in-class experiences with the inclusive students and the establishment process of "Classroom with no Desks" project; İdil Seda Ak from the Association of Human Rights in Mental Health Initiative , with whom she cooperated in this process, also shared her observations with the participants.

Following that, qualities of inclusive education was opened to debate with the cooperation of Center for Sociology and Education Studies (SEÇBİR) and alternative books, reports and videos developed by the interdisciplinary method on struggle against discrimination against people with disabilities were shared with the participants in the "Inclusive Education and Alternative Materials" workshop.

Our event, held with the cooperation of Ün Schools, was open to all the teachers and free.


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